The Simple Philosophies of Life, Part V – A Sense Of Urgency

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I am someone that’s always looking for opportunities. Opportunities may come and go in a blink of an eye, so being prepared for the chance on seizing an opportunity is one of my driving forces. The more that I can “get into the queue and out of the queue”, the greater chance that I will be able to jump at an opportunity. One way that I put myself in the optimal position of being able to capitalize on as many opportunities that I can is by having a sense of urgency with every task at hand. How many times have you been faced with a great opportunity that you had to turn down...

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The Simple Philosophies of Life, Part IV – Finding Your Way Home

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A few years ago I had dinner with some business colleagues and we were discussing certain philosophies that we live by – both professionally and personally. Each of them tossed out their favorites and when it came around to me, I said that one of my prevailing philosophies is the following premise: “Can you find your way home?” As imagined, they all looked at me with a puzzled look on their faces and asked me to elaborate. I started by saying that I was a “planner” (shocking, I know) and many of my decisions that I make in my mind always have this mentality in...

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The Simple Philosophies of Life, Part III – Clarity

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Ambiguity is not my friend. I prefer concise and direct language that helps me better understand the task at hand. In the old adage, “garbage in, garbage out”, clear direction is the overriding principle to that statement. If you are seeking a muddled result to your request, by all means, be ambiguous. In a word, I prefer clarity. Clarity allows for the end-user to provide a very efficient response to the request at hand. Clear instructions as to what the expected response should be – both in content as well as in the timing of the response – are critical for...

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The Simple Philosophies of Life, Part II – Expectations

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Last week, my son completed his first year at North Carolina State University. It is hard to believe that one year is already in the books and with the conclusion of the year, comes the move out of his dorm room. I remember when I went to college, the move out was the most dreaded days of college. Packing up the stereo equipment with speakers, cabinet, album crates, cassettes, amp, turntables, etc. was back-breaking, not to mention cumbersome, trying to fit all of it in a car. In today’s world, all of that is replaced by an iPhone and headphones. The move out task is much simpler these...

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The Simple Philosophies of Life, Part I – Success

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What is the true measurement of success? Some would argue great wealth; others great esteem. Heck, today’s generation may think it’s being on a reality TV show! I have always viewed success in a more simplistic fashion often referring to this quote:               “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” – Woody Allen Think about that for a moment. Imagine business meetings where everyone showed up on time and were well-prepared; daily tasks and deadlines were met without consternation; and friends were there in times of troubles and good fortune. If...

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Gray Cat Celebrates Its 12-Year Anniversary!

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John Matthews ( is the Founder and CEO of Gray Cat Enterprises, based in Wake Forest, NC, a 12-year old firm that specializes in retail consulting for multi-unit operations; consumer marketing for companies; and strategic project management. Prior to forming Gray Cat, he developed expertise in multiple areas as: President, Jimmy John’s VP, Marketing & Communications, Merchandising, Facilities, Real Estate, Clark Retail Enterprises National Marketing Director, Little Caesars Project Management: Senior Consulting Strategist for Boston-based Global...

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