Operationalizing Your Strategic Plan

Posted on Oct 22, 2014 in Articles | 0 comments

We have all experienced it. The dreaded process of spending hours upon hours creating a strategic business plan that maps out the goals of the organization. We develop the targets and create lofty initiatives only to see the year come and go as we scratch our heads and wonder why we didn’t achieve all our goals. The plan may have been solid, but the execution was flawed. I have witnessed countless examples in my career where companies establish strategic goals for the organization, but fail to create an operational process to hit those goals. There is a disproportionate amount of time spent...

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Starting Your Own Consulting Business

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Recently, I celebrated my ten-year anniversary as a management consultant. It has always been a life-long dream of mine to be on my own and in 2004 I realized that goal. I had spent some twenty years in corporate America prior to and breaking out on my own was not happen chance – I had a plan. While there is no silver-bullet in starting your own company, many reach out for my guidance simply due to the fact that they are forced into entrepreneurship (read: lay-off) and think they want to make the quantum leap to sole proprietorship consulting. Often, I am asked by other budding...

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Developing A Retail Real Estate Strategy

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Organic growth by a retailer is an exciting time for the company. Reinvesting earnings into the expansion of their branded stores through new construction communicates that a) business has been good; b) by growing the network of stores through brand-new locations, it helps strengthen market share; and c) it has a bright future! Exciting times for sure. How a retailer achieves this growth is another story. Rather than use the “I saw an open bay in a strip center” approach to site selection, prudent operators visualize the end game and determine where they would best like to operate...

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Recognizing Your Best Customers

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Last month, I was participating in a client meeting and like most meetings that are lengthy, food is generally brought in and we eat/meet on the fly. This time – we ordered a bunch of pizza and drinks to feed a group of twenty or so. I am sure many of you know the routine. I was presenting that day on Local Store Marketing and I asked the person who ordered the food how much the order was. She mentioned that the cost was probably close to $160.00 and that they conduct meetings like this about every two to four weeks. As a marketer, I asked her if they ever follow-up with her; thank her;...

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Developing Open Communication With Your Vendor Partners

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Imagine a business world where resources were plentiful and industry expertise could be available at every juncture. Where decisions could be made that dovetailed alignment in support of your strategic plan throughout your networks. Imagine a world that anticipates your directives and assists in helping to execution your vision flawlessly. This is a business community that embraces its vendors. Vendor communication is often overlooked as a vital cog in an operator optimizing their resources to move their strategic plan forward. Often, vendors are considered as an afterthought, or worse, as an...

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A Blog About Writing A Blog

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About three years ago I began to publish a blog focused mainly on improving processes within small business. Many of these blogs are derived from having worked many years in larger organizations and attempting to translate those experiences to smaller businesses in the retail sector. The goal was to provide insights from large organizations and how they tackle operational, marketing and management issues. While producing a blog about every few weeks or so can be time-consuming, what I have found is that it makes future content development more efficient. Rather than create content on an as...

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