Operationalizing Your 2018 Business Plan

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“The Nice Thing About Not Planning Is That Failure Comes As A Complete Surprise Rather Than Being Preceded By A Period Of Worry And Depression.”  — Anonymous Operationalizing your 2018 business planning is a step-by-step process of action, reaction, and counteraction for visualizing the execution of your business plan in relation to your competition.   Business managers must determine how to apply step-by-step procedures to improve the possibility of overall success and minimize risks of failure. The manager must be prepared to examine their personnel, processes and goal...

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A Strategic Process for Site Planning

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Real estate site selection can be a complex web of evaluating store attributes within a potential store trade area. The process utilizes both a science and an art to the overall selection process combining a number of factors that weigh on the viability of the location. Complicating the process is that each location has its own special attributes, which makes site selection more directional in nature as opposed to a cookie-cutter process. That being said, here are some key attributes that should be considered in the overall evaluation: Traffic Counts – While these are clearly site specific...

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The Simple Philosophies of Life, Final Part – Planning

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In the final chapter of the Simple Philosophies of Life my focus is on planning. Those that have known me personally or professionally can probably attest that planning is an integral to my DNA. Some may say that it IS my DNA! In fact, one of my favorite quotations is as follows: “The Nice Thing About Not Planning Is That Failure Comes As A Complete Surprise Rather Than Being Preceded By A Period Of Worry And Depression” — Anonymous Ever since I was a kid, I was the planner for my friends. I remember as kids, we loved playing Wiffleball. We played it so much that...

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The Simple Philosophies of Life, Part VII – Competition

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I will admit, I am competitive. I just love to push myself in as many ways possible and stare down the challenge. I try to overcome the fear of failing each and every day. My friends don’t think I am a Type-A, they think I am a Type Double-A. I am competitive in sports; in business; and mostly with myself. I am in it to win. Early on in my life, I was fortunate to have two strong role models in my life: my father and my high school baseball coach. My father taught me to be a strong, confident individual that holds himself accountable for his actions, efforts and his own success. He...

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The Simple Philosophies of Life, Part VI – Motivation

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What motivates you? For some, it could be being held in high esteem for a great accomplishment. For others, it can be about autonomy and freedom. Still others, it is all about the money. We are all inspired by something and in order to move forward in our lives, motivation to achieve better outcomes help pave the way. The key is to determine what motivates you and build upon that. Many of us don’t know our driving motivator until we are pressed. A while ago, I delivered a speech to a number of high school students. I asked them to raise their hands if they would be willing to run two...

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Store Design for the Retail Environment

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One of the most important, yet biggest challenges facing a retailer is creating a new store vision for your chain, while simultaneously running your day-to-day business. There are only so many resources to go around and carving out the strategic time to not only manage the process, but also actually create a new store vision is daunting. With that in mind, here are some key items to consider: This Is Not Just About Store Design, But It Is About Creating An Experience: Experiences create emotional connections with your customers in order to keep them coming back. You need to start with the...

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