Adding Power to Your Communications

Gray Cat Enterprises helps your company receive maximum visibility in front of your key audiences by developing a complete communications strategy tailored to meet your specific needs–then we work the plan from A to Z cost-effectively.  Whether it is external media or internal employee communications, Gray Cat can provide key leadership in your communications.

Our PR helps you grow!

  • Executive Talking Points
  • Proactive Communications Strategies
  • Managing Media Relations
  • Developing Web Content
  • Creating Marketing Materials & Generating Publicity
  • Overall Development and Execution of Crisis Management


"I was introduced to John when he assisted the company with respect to the project management of a number of initiatives.  In addition to ensuring the timely delivery of milestones, John provided relevant, substantive input thanks to his vast experience as a senior executive in the Retail Industry, and was always selfless in providing guidance and input.  I highly recommend John to any company seeking a seasoned senior executive with exceptional operational and administrative bandwidth."

—Todd R. Meyer, Esq. General Counsel, Secretary & Vice President of Real Estate – Americas Zone

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