Adding Power to Your Communications

Gray Cat Enterprises helps your company receive maximum visibility in front of your key audiences by developing a complete communications strategy tailored to meet your specific needs–then we work the plan from A to Z cost-effectively.  Whether it is external media or internal employee communications, Gray Cat can provide key leadership in your communications.

Our PR helps you grow!

  • Executive Talking Points
  • Proactive Communications Strategies
  • Managing Media Relations
  • Developing Web Content
  • Creating Marketing Materials & Generating Publicity
  • Overall Development and Execution of Crisis Management


"As one of our most trusted and competent board members, John's assistance and expertise was extremely helpful as he worked with our management team to address our most pressing business challenges. As a board member and consultant, his input and was invaluable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend John to anyone wanting to improve their business performance."

—Bob Underwood, CMA

FB Johnston