The Simple Philosophies of Life, Part V – A Sense Of Urgency

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I am someone that’s always looking for opportunities. Opportunities may come and go in a blink of an eye, so being prepared for the chance on seizing an opportunity is one of my driving forces. The more that I can “get into the queue and out of the queue”, the greater chance that I will be able to jump at an opportunity. One way that I put myself in the optimal position of being able to capitalize on as many opportunities that I can is by having a sense of urgency with every task at hand.

How many times have you been faced with a great opportunity that you had to turn down simply because “I have to study” or “I have to clean the house”? Having a sense of urgency – read this as not procrastinating or putting off – would allow you to take advantage of an opportunity since the tasks that are holding you back are completed in advance of the chance. Amazingly, many of the tasks that we are burdened with have pre-set time tables associated with them that people still put off. Look how many people wait until the last minute to tackle their taxes as an example. Everyone knows about taxes; they happen every year; and they are due on or about April 15. Every year! This deadline shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, yet many Americans procrastinate up until the last day to file. An opportunity of going away for a weekend in April may be put off because “sorry, I have to do my taxes”.

In addition, implementing a sense of urgency with the task at hand generates greater productivity and for the people the task benefits. If a customer orders a pizza and I promise to make that pizza in 12 minutes, the customer is pleased if it’s delivered on-time and getting that order out of the queue allows for additional orders to be processed. That is the direct result of working smart, hard and urgent. As a indirect benefit, this same sense of urgency also allows me to become more nimble and flexible when great opportunities arise. I try and get the work down ahead of these potential opportunities and do away with the reasons why I “can’t” take advantage.

Your opportunity awaits…, why put off something to tomorrow when it can be done today?

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