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Gray Cat: We don't just consult - we produce.

Some consultants draft a project plan for you, say “good luck!” and wave goodbye. Gray Cat is different–we take a roll-up-our-sleeves, active role in your success. As strategic thinkers with the industry expertise and know-how to take a project from start to finish, we become a powerful extension of your team that engages your organization, your products and your industry. Here are a few examples of projects Gray Cat has managed:

Sakado Project Management: 

  • Senior Consulting Strategist for Boston-based Global Partners (1,000+ convenience stores) overseeing the negotiation of the $200-million wholesale distributor RFP. Launched Project Renaissance overseeing the discretionary Capital Investment including new store builds, remodels and the development of the Centre Street Kitchen. Led the ATM RFP as well as the touch-screen foodservice-ordering kiosk initiative. 
  • Project lead for Ohio-based Beck Suppliers (30 convenience stores) in developing their new Friendship Kitchen convenience store in Ohio.  Gray Cat oversaw the entire project plan including the strategic direction, layout, design, equipment and product assortment. 
  • Project lead for Chicago-based Potbelly Sandwich Works (300 restaurants) to create, construct and open a centralized catering kitchen in Chicago, servicing 23 store trade areas. Gray Cat was the overall project lead and directed the operations, marketing, design, analysis and IT teams to get the project completed. Interim Executive Management:

  • Over the course of 60+ months and counting, Gray Cat was contracted to become the interim Executive Manager for seven (7) divisions of Deluxe/Safeguard company-operated markets.  Revenues from these markets were nearly $50 million and spanned the entire United States.  Interim leadership ranged from seven months to three years per market and Gray Cat was assigned either market assets held for re-sale or distressed markets due to a void in onsite leadership.  Gray Cat’s role was to transform the business in preparation to either be sold to a distributor or transitioned to an employee-based general manager.

Campos Sales Strategic Planning: 

  • Gray Cat was the strategic lead for Raleigh-based The Body Shop (300-stores) creating a cohesive management process for all of their key initiatives.  This project involved coordinating the dependencies and challenges across all departments including operations, marketing, merchandising, real estate, e-commerce, HR and finance.  Gray Cat has strategically managed its recent HQ move from Wake Forest, NC to New York, NY.

Strategic Operations: 

  • Developed a self-service, touch-screen foodservice-ordering kiosk for Chicago-based White Hen (300 convenience stores).  Oversaw the design, development and implementation of the 300 units for each store working with operations, marketing, IT, merchandising and facilities.
  • Project lead for Raleigh-based Burt’s Bees (natural, personal care products) to develop a strategic pitch book and eventual launch for a new retail initiative.

Local Marketing:  

  • Project lead for Baltimore-based Sylvan Learning Centers (1000-centers) managing a local marketing Pilot Market study (37 centers) identifying the best practices for local marketing. 
  • Project lead for Dallas-based Safeguard Business Systems (225 distributors) managing a variety of local marketing pilots and initiatives.

Company Business Planning: 

  • Lead negotiator and principal for InfoSec Inc. — a mainframe security software company — executing the sale of its eTrust Cleanup for CA-ACF2 and eTrust Cleanup for CA-Top Secret Security to Computer Associates (CA).  Gray Cat completed a second agreement for InfoSec later that year, with CA acquiring InfoSec’s automated security cleanup for IBM’s RACF mainframe platform.

When a project is completed by Gray Cat, the result is a better way of doing business for your company. Our goal is to have your project succeed beyond your expectations, in addition to being on-time and on-budget.

Gray Cat’s reputation is based on the fact that clients repeatedly ask us to take on new projects.

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