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Interim Executive Management Services

buy antabuse In addition to senior-level project management, Gray Cat is available for Interim Executive Management of a company and/or division over a set period of time. Most clients utilize Gray Cat to help bridge a gap that they have in management. In most cases, the company or division is underperforming and Gray Cat, led by John Matthews, takes over the general management reins to help.

Seroquel no prescription overnight Recently, I was the Interim Executive Manager for seven (7) divisions throughout the USA for Minneapolis-based Deluxe Corporation (DLX).  I oversaw the management of 20+ sales reps; customer-service agents; and general administrative teams for nearly $50 million in combined revenue.  Many of these divisions were managed concurrently with each improving its overall sales revenue and operating income throughout my oversight.  Generally, I follow these steps:

a) Stabilize the workplace environment
b) Identify opportunities for both people power and financial improvements
c) Elevate the company or division to either be handed off to a full-time manager or in some cases, divested

Engagements usually vary in length from six months to upwards of three years depending on the circumstance. The general process that ensues is as follows:

  • Meet with each of the departments (operations, marketing, sales, production, warehousing, etc.) and overall Strategic Business and Assessment Plan was developed on behalf of the company/division.  
  • The development of internal routines that enhance collaborative communication
  • A thorough review of the P & L with recommended enhancements to profitability
  • Creation of a sales forecasting tool
  • Development and management on ongoing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • A detailed action plan to drive sales and margin in two ways
    • Selling more and with a greater margin to existing customers
    • Actively soliciting new customers into the fold
  • Revamping an inefficient system of processes
  • Development of financial metrics to include a daily sales flash, revamped P&L statements, and financial Proforma’s

At the end of each engagement, Gray Cat attempts to leave the business in better shape than it was found. 

To that end, here is a testimonial from a client:

Reach out to a senior-level executive who hits the ground running

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