Local Store Marketing

Local Store Marketing

Gray Cat is an expert in local marketing developing manuals and implementing field local marketing tactics for various multi-unit operations.  Here are a few examples of local marketing projects that have been implemented in recent years:

certainly Local Marketing:  

  • Authored the Local Store Marketing manuals for both Little Caesars (3,000+ restaurants) and Quizno’s (800+ restaurants).
  • Project lead for Baltimore-based Sylvan Learning Centers (1000+ centers) managing a local marketing Pilot Market study (37 centers) identifying the best practices for local marketing. 
  • Project lead for Dallas-based Safeguard Business Systems (225 distributors) managing a variety of local marketing pilots and initiatives.

Rocca di Papa Local Store Marketing is a must for every retailer large or small who wants to fully capitalize on the sales potential of their all-important 3-mile trade radius. Gray Cat’s  Ipatovo Local Store Marketing Manual for Retailers tells you how to tap into the power of local store marketing to help your store achieve sustained and successful sales growth this year–and beyond.

This easy-to-use manual gives you step-by-step instructions on how to implement proven local store marketing strategies at your store for little or no cost, and includes helpful worksheets, checklists and action plans.

Grand Opening Planning

This helpful “how-to” manual is filled with proven Grand Opening activities, ideas and tips that you can use to make your grand opening a big success – one that generates customer excitement and sales. Perfect for the one-store operator or the multi-store chain, the manual gives you step-by-step instructions on how to plan and execute your Grand Opening. Plus it’s packed with helpful checklists and worksheets!

Local Store Manual

It’s easy to get excited about your new business when your store first becomes visible to customers during your grand opening, but it’s another thing to generate this customer excitement some two years later.  Successful retailers don’t fall for “the new guy” syndrome and develop marketing strategies to maintain their sales momentum well beyond their break-in period.  These marketing strategies may include brand advertisements in newspapers, direct mail, radio and television–all the usual advertising options available to retailers.

But where the real war is won is in the trenches at the local store marketing (LSM) level.  The most successful retailers win the battle for customer traffic because they make an operational commitment to local store marketing. They know local store marketing captures the entire customer base in the critical three-mile radius surrounding their store.  In addition, they know that implementing local store marketing is low cost or no cost.  (Notice I didn’t say “no work,” though!)  Successful retailers effectively infuse their year-long promotional campaigns with local store marketing, building a strong sales foundation for sustained and long-term growth—and you can too! That is where this manual comes in. 

Local store marketing is a “must” for you to fully capitalize on the sales potential of your store.  Successfully capturing these customers will translate into both short- and long-term sales growth–in addition to effectively locking out your competition.  The sales success of your store depends on you proactively going after sales using local store marketing, instead of passively waiting for customers to find you.

Grand Opening Manual


Congratulations on the opening of your new retail store!  You have worked hard to make your store a reality –- now it is time to introduce your store to the all-important three-mile trade area surrounding it.  Creating an exciting grand opening requires work upfront, but in the long run will make your store start off on the right foot in your community.  It is critical to make a great first impression to both the community as well as your individual customers — and jump-start sales.

This guidebook is designed to give you “how-to” instructions to make your grand opening a huge success.  The key to a great grand opening is to use a variety of techniques included in this manual to call attention to your new store.  That way, you will significantly enhance your store’s image. 

In the end, there are many results you should look to achieve with a successful event.  All in all, your goal is to create a buzz in the community that your store is now open and ready for business.  Successful grand openings are able to attract enough of their target customers to their store and then provide those customers excellent service and products that have them returning again and again. This is the great type of killer grand opening you want to experience at your own store!

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