A small business takes time and effort to build, maintain, and grow. You need patience, a willingness to endure setbacks, and—most important of all—an experienced mentor.

John Matthews, president and CEO of Gray Cat Enterprises, Inc., offers that mentorship. After decades of experience in corporate America, Matthews opted to start his own business. Thirteen years later, Gray Cat Enterprises was the result.

During his career, Matthews noticed how many small business owners and multiunit operators struggle and fail because they lack a sound understanding of basic business strategies. Some understand certain aspects of entrepreneurship well but stumble in other areas.

In Game-Changing Strategies for Retailers, Matthews walks readers through the key elements of founding, maintaining, and growing a small business. Starting with an overview of the nature of small businesses, Matthews demonstrates the importance of business planning and the intricacies of daily operations, merchandising, marketing, real estate, and capital management.

The result is a compact but comprehensive resource small business owners and multiunit operators can access as the need arises. Within these pages lies the foundation for successful sole proprietorship or multiunit operations.

What makes one small business thrive and grow while another languishes and dies? Whether you own a small multiunit business or dream of sole proprietorship, the answer to this question will determine if your business still exists in five, ten, or twenty years.

In Game-Changing Strategies for Retailers, Matthews presents the foundational aspects of business ownership entrepreneurs must understand for lasting success, covering key factors:

  • The importance of a business plan
  • Creating a positive experience for consumers and clients
  • Effective branding and marketing
  • Facilities and capital management
  • Financial management

With each chapter broken down into small but essential nuggets of information, Game-Changing Strategies for Retailers is a thorough, easily accessed resource guide entrepreneurs can use to refresh their knowledge and refine their business strategies.

Available here:  Game-Changing Strategies For Retailers

Our easy-to-use manuals provide step by step information on making this your best year ever.

Local Store Marketing is a must for every retailer large or small who wants to fully capitalize on the sales potential of their all-important 3-mile trade radius. Gray Cat’s Local Store Marketing Manual for Retailers tells you how to tap into the power of local store marketing to help your store achieve sustained and successful sales growth this year–and beyond.

This easy-to-use manual gives you step-by-step instructions on how to implement proven local store marketing strategies at your store for little or no cost, and includes helpful worksheets, checklists and action plans.

John Matthews: In-the-Trenches Marketing with Big Chain Experience: Passionate about the sales power of local store marketing from his 20+ years in the retail sector, Gray Cat’s John Matthews has created this handy manual as a year-round marketing resource that retailers can turn to again and again!

You have worked hard to make your store a reality–-now it is time to introduce your store to the all-important three-mile trade area surrounding it. Creating an exciting grand opening requires work upfront, but in the long run will make your store start off on the right foot in your community. It is critical to make a great first impression to your community as well as your new customers–and this manual provides all the necessary tools for you to accomplish this.

This manual is designed to give you “step-by-step” instructions to make your grand opening a huge success. The key to a great grand opening is to use a variety of effective techniques to draw attention to your new store. Gray Cat’s Grand Opening Manual for Retailers helps you create an exciting kickoff for your new store!